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About Us

HairFx London Colouring Hair Since 2010

HairFX continue to set the trend with easy to use catwalk inspired hair design tools and this year are focused on their revolutionary Hair ChalkIn range which give Instant Colour with No Committment.

Hair ChalkIn is all about the WOW FACTOR. The Tongs and Swirls are so easy to use you can rapidly create a Lauren Conrad street style hair design, a cheeky dip dye effect or the classic ombre look.

With ten colours, ranging from vivid to classical, flashy to understated, you truly can let your imagination run wild.

Whether you're looking for sophisticated or just plain crazy, you can mix and match the colours to suit your mood, without the commitment associated with semi-permanent hair colouring.

"The whole concept of our Hair ChalkIn range is that you can have access to the latest styles and fashion vogues, but with no commitment associated with traditional semi-permanent hair colouring. You can be wild and crazy one evening and in the morning, washout and go to work as normal!"

Sud Patel Co-Founder, HairFX (London)
Founding Director

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